Today traditional energy sources are being depleted to have been indiscriminately exploited for decades. Thus, solid and organic waste, wood waste, used tires, farm waste, industrial, municipal, hospital, etc., which for many represent useless waste, offer the possibility of new energy alternatives.

Technological innovations applied to our equipment, we can offer different solutions to the use of common and hazardous waste or hospital waste.

The conversion of common waste based on related technologies, conversion has two possibilities: Biofuel and Bioenergy.

  1. Biocombustible.-  allows efficient disposal of municipal solid waste and waste in general, producing synthesis gas or enriched SYNGAS through a pyrolysis process of hydrogenation at low temperature, using their calorie content for the production of second-generation biodiesel , also known as Synthetic Diesel without generating polluting emissions to the environment and providing a premium quality product based on European standards. The produce synthetic diesel has a high cetane content and less than 15 ppm sulfur, can be used directly in machinery and vehicles or used to be mixed with lower quality fuels to improve their properties.
  2. Bioenergy.-  The technology developed in our teams, it allows us to generate power by harnessing surplus heat generated during the pyrolysis process, or through a new technological development DOUBLE PLASMA; ensuring that there are no polluting emissions into the environment.

Using our equipment DOUBLE PLASMA fixed or mobile, dangerous or hospital, waste allows us to give a definitive solution to a problem without creating more pollution emissions.

We can summarize the process of biofuel production and electricity generation, in five main steps:


Green Rock Energies Solutions Inc, Works hard for a clean energy future, seeking to reduce pollution caused by waste produced daily, offering technological solutions and promoting recycling and reuse of wastes.

We work focused on promoting the production and use of new alternative energy sources, reducing the dependence of cities on traditional energy sources, ensuring a better quality of life with positive and immediate environmental effects.