Treatment plant for Waste Water in North Ecuador


Executives and technicians Green Rock Energies, together with personnel of the Municipal Public Enterprise for Water and Sewage, EMAP-I, assessed the feasibility and defined the scope of the project for the construction of the treatment plant Wastewater WWTP for the city of Ibarra, north of Ecuador, in order to give a definitive solution to the problem of wastewater and pollution of the waters of the river Tahuando.

Once defined and structured the project, executives Green Rock Energies, they invited a well known Spanish integrator, to develop and build a project “turnkey”, including identification of the appropriate specialized company and the achievement of financing appropriate to allow to realize the project; getting the Fund for the Internationalisation of Spanish Companies, FIEM a concessional credit.

Presented the technical and economic proposal, the EMAPA-I, selected and appointed Acciona-Agua to be the executor of the project.

The WWTP, began construction phase the September 15, 2014 and expects to start operations within 24 months; caraterísticas main are:

  • Capacity of 500 l / s, to meet the demand of a future population of 200 thousand inhabitants.
  • Preliminary Entry structures and treatment.
  • Biological treatment of high load
  • Primary sedimentation.
  • Thickening and Digestion.
  • Sludge dewatering (mechanical and solar drying).
  • Gas storage and energy production.
  • Deodorization.
  • Building Control and auxiliary systems.