Housing Improvement System, Honduras

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Housing Perspective The State policy in housing since 1994, anticipate the restructure and reinforce of the financial housing system, as part of the Develop Policy of the Government. The main strategy of that policy was the creation of a direct subsidy system, similar as other countries of the region, but adapting their experiences to Ecuador context. Goal of the Government until finish 2002 year Typology Shelter solutions Rural housing 66,000 Join incentive housing 35,000 Improvement of marginal shelters 40,000 New urban housing 45,000 Improvement of urban housing 45,000 Rehabilitation central urban housing 4,700 Total shelter solutions 235,700 The Ministry is assisting and financing the rural houses, housing to the ”beneficiarios del bono solidario” (join incentive beneficiaries housing)1 , mejoramiento de vivienda urbano marginal (improvement of urban-marginal shelters) directly by the government budget, trough the ministry technicians assistance, with a small amount of subside in materials, and self-help-housing. The new urban houses, improvement of urban houses to low-income families, and housing rehabilitation in central urban areas are assisting by the SIV-Programme.