Our Shares

We are oriented towards sustainable growth based on our leading edge in technology and on our competitive advantages in line with further scaling potential. Our hitherto development and market position is characterized by high benefits for our customers and on different unique selling points.

The focus of our activities is a strategy-conform out-performance, in particular in terms of positive and relative returns on investments in phases of market-specific fluctuations. The central performance drivers are the excellent risk management, a comprehensive reporting and a transparent communication with out investors.

More and more investors emphasize on innovative, social and environmental criteria to be considered when making investments. We are able to provide demanding, tailored and turn-key solutions for qualified private investors and institutional investors. We would like to invite you to participate!

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Every business involves advantages and risks, chances for profit and loss – you know this, we know it and therefore we want to explain possible risks here and remaining risks to you. Should you still have any questions please call us under +1 305.677.2151 or send us an e-mail on info@greenrock-energy.com

General Risk

The indicated information and opinions represent the temporary and individual opinion of individual persons and neither refers to a special situation, experience, special risk profile nor to the fiscal and legal situation of the individual investor. It further does not consider the legal and fiscal implications of the relevant investment. Of course, we cannot guarantee a success of an investment which you do based on information from our partners. It must be noted that investments are always linked with risks. Furthermore, political, economical, market-related or other developments may cause unforeseeable losses. in worst case, you risk a total loss.

Risk of Electronic data transfer

You asked us to communicate with you via Internet per mail. Independently on this desire, only written versions are binding. We point to the fact messages without and without actions from third parties may go lost, may be changed or falsified. Traditional e-mails transferred via Internet are not protected against access by third parties and therefore therefore the confidence cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we cannot be hold responsible for the completeness of our e-mails and will not replace any damage resulting therefrom. If in spite of your Virus-protection program a virus enters your system we cannot be held responsible for resulting damages. This waiver is only valid as far as legally allowed.

In principle, all Internet users should handle personal online passwords with care and never give this data to unauthorized third parties. Banks/Brokers normally do not ask their customers for their access or transaction data via e-mail, phone or in any other way. In addition, we urgently advise to use a Virus-Scanner and a firewall and to execute the updates of the operating system to prevent the Virus and malware from penetrating.

Risk excluding limiting businesses

Do not trust in the possibility to sign businesses within the runtime which help to compensate the risks from trading in futures or to limit the risks in any way. Whether this possibility exists strongly depends on the market situations and also on the load oft he relevant trading in futures. It maybe possible under certain circumstances that you do not execute a business transaction or only at an unprofitable market price so that a loss will result.

Securities are not always a suitable credit base.

Securities are businesses that contain risks and a financing of those businesses by a credit should be thoroughly reflected. If the speculation fails then not only the credit must be repaid but also the interests which will increase the loss still further.

Subjective considerationof facts

We rely on clear economic data and facts and also on our personal feeling and on the comprehensive experience of our fellow-workers and our management board – and that is what makes success and not only the pure economic consideration and interpretation of figures.

Forecasts and unforeseeable events

This Internet page contains forecasts of our current estimation of events in the future. Terms line „hope“, „anticipate“, „assume“, „believe“, „rate“, „prognose“, „expect“, „can/could“, „plan“, „project“, „should“ and similar terms are characteristic „forecasting statements“.

These statements as well as notes contain additional risks und uncertainties – more than normal financial analysis will do. Some examples are an unfavorable development of the economic situation, in particular a decrease of demand on sales markets which are of importance to us and a sharpening of the state debt crisis in the European zone, an increase of political tensions in Eastern Europe, a decrease of our refinancing options on credit and financial markets, unavoidable events of higher force such as natural disasters, epidemics, terror acts, political unrest, industrial failures and their effect on our sales-, buying-, production- or financial activities, change of exchange rates or a possible loss of acceptance of our products and services with the consequence of hindrances in the pricing and in the load of production capacities, price increases of raw materials, interrupts of production because of material bottlenecks, strikes of personnel or supplier insolvencies, a decrease of the resale price, the successful execution of cost reductions and efficiency increasing actions, the business potentials of the companies in which we participate with important shares, the successful execution of a strategic cooperation and Joint Ventures, the modifications of laws, regulations and official guidelines, in particular if they relate to vehicle emissions, fuels consumption and security, as well as the termination of running official inspections and the end of pending or threatening legal procedures and other risks and imponderabilities.

If those uncertainty factors or imponderabilities occur or if the basis for the forecasts turns out to be incorrect then the real events can deviate considerably from the actual statements or from the implicitly expressed events. We neither intend nor feel obliged to permanently update ongoing statements because these statements base exclusively on the circumstances at the date when they are published.

Correctness and completeness of information

We point to the fact that all information on this website has been thoroughly assembled. A guarantee for the correctness and completeness, however, cannot be taken over. Ratings and evaluations reflect the opinion of the author at creation time. Forecasts of rate developments of our securities, our going public r other developments do not contain any guarantee for the correctness of these forecasts in future. The information and reports delivered by us are given to us in full or in part from third parties. Although we are sure that our sources are reliable and trustworthy we cannot guarantee the scope, the precision, the completeness and the in-time presentation.

General notes to risks

Our forecasts do not represent any warranty or a 100% reliable guarantee for the development of our securities, for the success of our company or for the success of our participations and/or for the credit standing of our creditors which may be relevant for the future development of our enterprise.

It needs to be mentioned that investments are always linked with risks. Political, economical, market-related or other developments may cause unforeseeable losses.