Green Rock Energy Solutions Inc, is a US company incorporated in the State of Florida since 2008, specializing in the Latin American market; our headquarters are located at 1000 N West St #1200, Wilmington, DE 19801

The main objective of Green Rock Energy is the integration, promotion, development, construction, operation, management and financing projects of renewable and alternative energy, including projects under the EPC mode (Engineering, Procurement & Construction), also known as projects "Key in hand"; with emphasis on waste conversion projects in bioenergy called WASTE TO ENERGY.

GREEN ROCK ENERGY SOLUTIONS INC, as a project integrator, get the biggest benefit to our customers, looking for the best financial solutions that allow the execution thereof.

Green Rock Energy Solutions especializas in the following areas:

1. Waste to Energy
2. Wind Farms
3. Hydro Generation
4. Photovoltaic Generation


These main areas allow us to provide permanent solutions to the everyday problems of environmental pollution from solid waste and hazardous and medical waste, with technology; helping to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and the use of bio-fuels obtained from the use of bulkier pollutant in the world away.

As for the draft health and sanitation, Green Rock Energy  has the ability to partner with leading companies in the sector, jointly developing the best solution based on the specific needs of each city or town: water supply, sewerage, treatment and wastewater treatment.

In the financial area, Green Rock Energy Solutions Inc , Has access to important financial companies with whom we can structure the necessary credit for the development and implementation of goals and projects, thereby providing a comprehensive solution to our customers.

As for our client, they can be private companies, public entities or mixed-economy companies.

All our projects are sustainable green quality guaranteed.