Cryptocurrency OTC Desk

Specialists in buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Who we are ?

Wedlake is an exchange firm that leverages banking relationships and utilizes a network of liquid providers to offer a cryptocurrency exchange service to our clients at the highest level. Thanks to our established and exclusive network, Wedlake has the ability to transform any cryptocurrency into fiat money in a fast and efficient way.


Why choose Wedlake?


Working side by side with the biggest AML companies to secure our client base safety.


We offer a broker trading experience from fast onboarding to same day trade settlements.


Our network has dozens of liquidity channels and banking solutions across key regional markets to offer highly competitive pricing.

How does it work?

After due diligence has been settled, you would start by requesting a quote through a chat application. Next, one of the desk’s traders will respond with a price based on current market rates and conditions.

The moment you accept via chat, the desk is obligated to deliver you the cryptocurrency or fiat money per a legal agreement signed during the onboarding process.



Wedlake OTC Desk

Trade any cryptocurrency pair to fiat with our experienced brokers at your side.

Portfolio of Altcoins

Altcoins will be the biggest wealth creation in history, a well diversified portfolio will make you capitalize this.

Wedlake for Escrow

Serving as a trusted intermediary for transactions.

Our partners

Onboarding Process

Obtain the highest level of verification through our standard onboarding process, and become an OTC client today.

Simply complete a short form once you sign up to get started.

All OTC clients are required to provide various types of documentation such as a Government ID, Proof of Residency and Proof of Income.


What we trade?


An OTC (Over the counter) operation is a private transaction that is carried out between two parties, where both parties agree on the price and the instrument to be traded, which in this case, the instrument is a cryptocurrency.

The minimum amount for each trade is $ 20,000.00

Wedlake trades any cryptocurrency from the top 50 of

You must fill out our application form, then you will be contacted by one of our brokers via chat to start the transactions.

The commission will be determined according to the volatility of the market, the amount of the operation and the client’s profile.

The commission will vary between 1% and 2% depending on the criteria mentioned in the previous point.

All transactions on wedlake are same day executions.

Altcoins are all alternative cryptocurrencies to bitcoin, they have different functionalities and seek to revolutionize different industries due to their unique approach. Just as they have great potential for appreciation, they also have high risk. Wedlake uses criteria such as market capitalization, volume, industry, among others to reduce risk and be exposed to volatility in strong cryptocurrencies.

No, Wedlake only provides the assessment and the cryptocurrencies. The client holds the cryptocurrencies in his own wallet or exchange.

Do you want to know more?

Feel free to contact us any time. We will get back to you as soon as we can!